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The difficult part is figuring out what to try first. Be inspired by one of these absolutely beautiful braided hairstyles. If you are looking for a [...]
Looking for some ponytail hairstyle ideas? We are here with some ponytail hairstyles. Ponytails are casual but if designed properly, it can be trendy [...]
How to crochet braids easily without cornrows and braiding tutorial for beginners, this is a super simple way to obtain length, while crea [...]
Dear ladies. Hair care is a job that really needs to care. If you let your hair grow on its own, your hair will grow dry and unhealthy. Nowadays there [...]
Special days require special preparation. Starting from our clothes, we even consider the slightest detail to our shoe, our hair, and even our nail po [...]
Hi Ladies, hairstyle is the thing that makes us think the most in preparation when we go to somewhere special. We see many hairstyles on the internet, [...] Creating the hairstyle One has to section the hair in to very small pieces creating a pattern al [...] The method to create the hairstyle The hair has to be parted into two equal parts. Start braidin [...] How it is done? The blogger uses 5 and half packs of the Nubian sensational braid plus Nubian lo [...] How to manage the style? The style can be achieved with two different shades of hair extensions. [...] How to create the hair style? Prepare the hair extensions with hair gel and mousse texturing it [...] The video of kilahmazing The video on the channel by youtuber kilahmazing shows three ways in wh [...] The texture and colour The golden colour of the hair is easy to achieve with dyeing. The blogger [...]
The products needed for the style The main requirement for this hairstyle is crochet hair braids set and hair gels and perm rods. The amount of [...]
The products used To achieve this hairstyle, the youtuber have used heatless perm rods and eco styler gel. The hair has been prepared before us [...]
The high puff is a very edgy hairstyle and not easy to carry for all. There is a variety of modifications possible with this style. It looks best when [...]
to start learning hair styling with. [...]
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