How to create box braid on your own hair

How to create box braid on your own hair

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The box braid is one of the best hairstyle that is extremely beautiful and detailed. The video shows very simply the technique to be applied for achieving the style. The hairstyle suits every person with long hair. The style requires much patience to be created.

The box braid style is a classic that have been recreated time and again. For a number of women, the box braid is a perfect style but it requires a lot of patience to be created perfectly. But if you can create it properly, it looks beautiful and sexy. The video that I am about to review breaks down the steps for the style very simply and hence easy to follow even for those who are new to hair styling.

Creating the hairstyle

One has to section the hair in to very small pieces creating a pattern all over your head. The pieces of hair should be further divided into three parts and then braided tightly such that it does not open and holds for a longer time. Do so with all the sections all over the head. Before starting the hair styling prepare your hair with oils and mousse so there is no breakage from dry hair.

Advantage of this style

The style is clean and at the same time very stylish to look at. If you have thick hair this is the go to style which will look fabulous on any one. On the downside the style is very detailed and hence requires a lot of patience to be created.

The final verdict

The style is highly recommended if you have the patience to create such detailed weaves all over your head. The style is perfect if you can create it without knotting your hair and resulting into breakage.