How to create the double braid on straight long hair

How to create the double braid on straight long hair

The double braid is particularly popular among those who are looking for a sporting style. The style is very easy to recreate. The hairstyle is very neat and perfect for you. The style is very practical and beautiful at the same time.

The hairstyle for African hair is varied and the double braid is a neat and also beautiful and edgy hairstyle that reflects a strong personality. The style is easy to achieve if you are a proficient stylist particularly skilful in braiding. The tutorial that I am going to talk about explains this style very minutely and hence easy to follow even if you are a beginner. The makeup is also very suitable for the African skin.

The method to create the hairstyle

The hair has to be parted into two equal parts. Start braiding in the French braid format from the top of the head. The braid has to be continued till the end of the head and then continue the styling till the end of the hair in the regular braid format. Do the same on both sides. The makeup can be done after the styling is done.

The advantage of the hairstyle

The style is very neat a tightly done. The style is perfect for gym and everyday look. It is also easy to achieve and even if your hair is fine you can easily create this hairstyle. The makeup is also very refreshing and natural according to the video.

Final words

I highly recommend this style is you want a clean and beautiful look. The style is particularly suitable for all those who are looking for style that would keep the hair out of their face and eyes.