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This actually a huge collection of box braids or the poetic justice braids for the African American black women. Enjoy......

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Braids hairstyles are the most common hairstyles nowadays. There are various types of braids, such as cornrow braids, box braids, crochet braids, Ghan [...]
If you're hunting for a new defensive Latest Braid Hairstyles 2020, it stops right here. I've put together a variety of rocking braids that will help [...]
Braids are simple, pretty hairstyles. You can still forget about your hair styling for months until you're in a braided form. This alone gives the hai [...]
Braid is a common hairstyle in today's world. Despite the fact that the economy keeps getting harder and the price of things keeps getting higher, the [...]
Are you a braids lover? If you're one of those who love wearing braids, then you're in for a huge treat with the number of looks we're showing you. Tr [...]
I think it’s time you change your facial look. Ghana weaving hairstyles are the latest among women of all ages and these newly selected hairstyles wil [...]
 Protective braid styles for natural hair! Summertime is no joke! Especially in the South, the sun is constantly blazing. Being natural [...]
Summer black braided hairstyles!The summer we’ve been waiting for is here. where we are looking forward to that beach trip, fun in the sun, eating [...]
Hi girls, hello,For today, we're going to be showcasing beautiful braided hairstyles for ladies to conquer this week. Don't worry, ladies, we're g [...]
Hi girls, For today, we're going to have some exclusive Shuku Hairstyles for our ladies on the theme this weekend. They're beautiful hairstyles to ha [...]
Before we delve into the technicalities of braiding, let's get inspired first! Here are our favorite and most common African braiding hairstyles, enjo [...]
With August here and summer on the verge of our heels, investing in a new hairstyle may be right up your alley. Shorter hair is perfect to wear during [...]
We love the look of this afro hairstyle full coverage. Therefore, we always say, the bigger the number, the better! An oval, halo cut, like this one, [...]
Cornrows have been around for several years now, and if there's something guaranteed the cornrows aren't just easy hairstyles. They are one of the mos [...]
Box braids hairstyles are one of the most common African American styles of defense.Summer raises the amount dramatically as a function of the eve [...]
It's about to go down! These short braided beaded hairstyles are just what you need! The Fulani Braids style, also known as beaded cornrows, has been [...]
When it comes to natural black hair, braided hairstyles will still be the go-to. They are one of the most common black women's hairstyles, all due to [...]
Hairstyles with African braids are increasingly in demand (Manuela Jurado does it for us at the moment. Ask for modality and types). The Styles and Co [...]
Would you enjoy defensive hairstyles that are beautiful, complicated, and making people wonder who your hair is?Fishbone braids fill out both [...]
Many African American babies are born with thick, coarse, curly, or wavy hair that requires extra attention. Regardless of its texture and curl style, [...]
Choosing the hairstyle you will make on the most beautiful and special day of life is not an easy task, we know.As the day that embraces your drea [...]
Knot models are a hair model that women always love to do.Sometimes this hairstyle can even be a savior. But Bantu knot models offer you much more [...]
When choosing a shampoo for ourselves, we often attach importance only to cleaning our hair well.Actually we are doing it wrong. Because each hair [...]
Kantraon Oil Will Be Good For Your Hair Kantraon oil does not only benefit braids for black women but many things.You do not need to take it read [...]
One of the most fashionable hairstyles for women is a braided ponytail. A ponytail is easy to wear, still looks trendy, low maintenance, and these upd [...]
Is there something as sleek or as trendy as a timeless twist? There are various types of lemonade box braids in the album lemonade, and singer Beyoncé [...]
There were also lace hairstyles going. But because of some innovative stylists, they've been reinvented with a whole new style! If you're a black woma [...]
University is the place of a new life totally. New living place, a new school, and new friends.Maybe it's the place where you'll find the love of [...]
Are you hunting for your new hairstyle? Look at the braid! Easy hairdo with little care, braids will hold your hair out of your face and make you look [...]
How do you know if you're going to shed too much hair? Everyone's experience was different from shedding – the volume you shed could be entirely diffe [...]
The braids of the Goddess are a glamorous feminine way to wear ethnic women's heads. As other woven types, some coifs can remain unchanged for weeks, [...]
Have you decided to dye your hair yourself? Then we recommend you to read our article that will help you find the most suitable dye for your hair.[...] braids, also known as banana cornrows, are created by the use of hair o [...]
Cornrows – known as cancerous in the Caribbean – are one of the most popular styles for Afro hair. These raised braids are created by means of the und [...]
Goddess trunks are a glamorous and feminine way to represent immigrant women. Many Goddess coifs can stay alive for weeks, like many spinning models, [...]
Without big chop, how can I go natural? You may have wanted to make a natural hair cut, but other naturalists have managed to transform into natural h [...]
Do you look for lovely shots of African braids? In this article, you can find the best variants of African braids online.Africa has so many tongue [...]
African American women often encounter many surprises and troubles with their natural hair. It’s either difficult to style or lacks length for versati [...]
These days more and more African American women begin to appreciate the special charm of natural black hair and the styling opportunities it offers. L [...]
One braid or two braids is a universal hairstyle for kids, but it may look too banal. To make your girl’s braided style more interesting, try to exper [...]
Braids named after a summer season drink? What’s that every one about? We predict we all know! Identical to their “greater than life” spokes-icon, Bey [...]
There are different Ghana hair braid models for women. But with these models you'll see that also men can do these braids, and they make men more styl [...]
When you see these braids, you will think for a long time how to do them, but you still can not imagine. Because all of them were made like art works. [...]
We said that Ghana braids fit every model. It is not only limited to this. One of the most preferred reasons for Ghana braids is to change your hair t [...]
Tired of thinking what shape to give your hair every day, right? Especially for women with long hair in the summer, this situation is like torture. Si [...]
The trends of hair colors can change every year. These trends can sometimes change depending on the season. Then let's see what colors will be trendin [...]
It is very important to choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape. Some of us don't like our face shape. We often have no chance to change our fac [...]
With the arrival of spring season, thin clothes began to take their place in our wardrobe again. It is very difficult to choose clothes in spring. Wea [...]
The common problem of working women is to make a beautiful and well-groomed hairstyle. Especially if you are working in an official place, your hairst [...]
I want you to forget all the short hairstyles that you have ever encountered. Because I immediately found hairstyles that will make you want to have y [...]
With the warming of the weather, we can start trying new hairstyles. It's time to open your hair, which we protect from cold weather using a hat or sh [...]
There is a very easy way to find out if your hair is healthy. You can immediately know if your hair needs care. Moreover, you will be able to do this [...]
Nettle is an herb that you can use naturally and find it easily for your hair care. Nettle is a plant rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and minerals such as [...]
The common problem of women and even all men is hair dandruff.You will know that your hair is dandruff most when you wear a black outfit. You [...]
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