The best video to master crochet faux locks

The best video to master crochet faux locks

[tps_header]The crochet faux locks are perfect for an edgy style. The advantages of the style are that it is very practical. The stylist will require much patient to create this style. It is very suitable if you have thick and curly hair.

Crochet faux locks have always been a favourite among African or Afro-American women owing to the beautiful and edgy texture of this hairstyle. The crochet faux locks can be achieved with your natural hair if you have very thick hair. Or else the various types of lace or sensational braid plus Nubian locs can be used to achieve this hairstyle as well.[/tps_header]

How it is done?

The blogger uses 5 and half packs of the Nubian sensational braid plus Nubian locs which she weaves into her own natural hair. The locks are prepared with oils and other products so that it is well maintained. The style requires practice and patience and once completed you can also accessorise it with various hair accessories. The sectioning of the locks and then weaving in the faux locks is a matter of time and a process that has to be mastered over time.

Advantages of the style

The hairstyle is going to last for months if it is maintained with care. This is a style that looks very beautiful and edgy and unique. The style is also perfect for those who are looking for practical and clean style that is low maintenance.

The final verdict

The style is suitable for those who wish for an edgy and unique look for themselves. The style requires lots of confidence for carrying it. I highly recommend the style if you have the patience to braid and section your hair.