Create A Class For Yourself With The Forward High Puff Hairstyle

Create A Class For Yourself With The Forward High Puff Hairstyle

The high puff is a very edgy hairstyle and not easy to carry for all. There is a variety of modifications possible with this style. It looks best when the hair is very curly. The styles hold well on shorter hair.

Puffs are particularly notable as a signature hairstyle among Afro-American women. The style has gained much popularity owing to the natural texture of African hair which is perfectly suitable for such a voluminous hairstyle. In fact, the puff is the apt name for this style. Read on to know how I feel about this particular video for the same and the way it has tutored us on this style.

High puff styling

High puff means it is basically a hairstyle where the puff has been pulled to the highest point possible above your head. The locks almost fall over your forehead like a fringe in this hairstyle. The technique is almost the same as the regular puff style but here the hair at the back is pulled further up while restricting them with adequate hair pomade so that there is no flyaway on the back of the head.

Who can create this style?

Anyone with light frizzy and shoulder-length hair can easily create this style without worrying that it would come off after some time. The hairstyle is perfect when you have extremely curly hair which has a texture of its own that adds to the volume of the hairstyle.

My final words

A perfect look that you can sport for parties when you have just a few minutes to prepare for the day, the high puff will ensure that you look fabulous and stand out for your sexy looks and beautifully done hair.

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