What you can achieve perfectly permed hair do at home?

What you can achieve perfectly permed hair do at home?

[tps_header]The short curly hairstyles are particularly popular among African women. The permed hair can be achieved with heatless perm rods. The style can hold for a long time if done rightly. The style will not damage your hair at all.

The intricate curls that we see particularly in African hair are exquisitely beautiful. For a number of women, achieving the beautiful texture of African hair is a dream achievement. The video that I am about to discuss show you a very beautiful hairstyle that you can achieve with perm rods. The style is very good for those with short hair- to be precise on 4C category of hair.[/tps_header]

The products used

To achieve this hairstyle, the youtuber have used heatless perm rods and eco styler gel. The hair has been prepared before using the hair rods on it with Jamaican castor oil leave in conditioner. Styling mousse is used to texture the hair further so that the style holds for long time. Black castor oil, Jamaican castor oil and olive oil are used as well to add nourishment as well as texture to the hair so that the curls hold more intricately and yet feels smooth.

Why I like this style?

The style is smooth and feels sleek. The hair is rolled up on your head. The overall effect is beautiful to look at and at the same time it is very comfortable and above all, you do not need to use heat for styling.

The final verdict

This is a style I highly recommend for those with short hair as well as curly hair. The style will not be damaging on your hair too which is another advantage of this hairstyle.