Making u-part with your hair extensions

Making u-part with your hair extensions

[tps_header]The u-part style is a very popular style that has been recreated online time and again. There are several types of methods in which you can create this style. The video explains the style in a very simplistic manner. The beauty of the style is its versatility.

The u-part style is a very popular style that has been a classic favourite since the nineties among women particularly of afro-American birth. The hairstyle can be achieved easily with your natural hair if the hair is naturally curly and thick. Other can achieve this style with hair extensions. The video we are about to discuss shows you how you can such style with the help of the texturing the hair extensions to be used.[/tps_header]

How to create the hair style?

Prepare the hair extensions with hair gel and mousse texturing it all the way from tip to end. The best way to achieve the style you want is create the hairstyle by using two different sizes of hair extensions. The setting of the extensions with the natural hair has to be done such that major part of your hair fall on one side of your head. Set the hair with eco styler gel sparingly.

Why the u-part?

The style is very versatile and you can easily manage the style for a very helpful occasion. The u-part is easy to style and anyone can create it even if they are not very adept at creating hairstyles on their own.

Final words

If you have very thick hair, then this is a style that you can try. This style can look very beautiful and classic and at the same time can add certain amount of edge to your style when styled rightly with proper accessories.