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to start learning hair styling with. [...]
Separating the braids, one by one Leave the braids on for some time and then open it up. Your hair would have the curls due to the tied braids. Sep [...] Styling your hair well with gel Take some hair styling gel in the palm and then apply well. The hair [...] How to style the hair Take some hair curling agent and then apply it on your hair well from the roots [...] The process of tying the braid Start with three small sections of hair at the beginning. The left, th [...] Using a comb for combing the hair in an upwards direction Now use a comb to scuffle the hair in [...] Segmenting your hair The first part is to take strands of hair from both sides of your forehead and [...] Using the conditioner You can use the conditioner as a leave in or a moisturizer. Apply this all over [...] Using the butter smoothie Using the butter smoothie and apply it properly from the root to the tip o [...]
Clipping the hair properly The first thing that you need to do is clip the hair properly from all sides. Take a little bit of curl conditioner [...]
Styling your hair is now easy with the help of some ready solutions at hand. Just follow this article and you would have the best looking TWA [...]
1 229 / 29 POSTS