Create your own silky and curly golden puff

Create your own silky and curly golden puff

The golden tone of the puff is easily achieved by colouring the hair. The style is suitable for women with shorter hair. The puff style is very practical and suitable for the heat. It looks beautiful when styled properly and dressed up accordingly.

The puff style is one of the most popular hairstyle particularly among women with African hairstyle. The thick and intricately curled hair of the African and Afro-American women is a unique texture to work with for creating voluminous hairstyles like the puff. This particular video shows a silkier version of the puff where the hair is made more manageable with various products before actually styling it.

How to prepare the hair?

First and foremost, one should prepare the hair before you actually start styling it in a certain way. A hair cream that is thick enough to penetrate the roots of the African hair is being applied. After that a gel is being applied to the hair to ensure that the style holds in place. Then the entire volume of the hair is being gathered on the top of the head and arranged such that the pins used to keep the style in place are covered up.

The advantages

The style is not sleek but the hair feels softer owing to the creams and pomades used to soften it. The entire volume of the hair is gathered on the top and hence you can keep hair out of your eyes as well.


I feel this style is suitable for women with a certain length of hair like the woman in the video. The top portion of the hair has been bleached golden and then it is arranged such that the puff looks just golden. One can get the look easily by bleaching their hair.

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