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 Fluffy, soft and moisturized curls really look good on your hair. Your hair can really look good if you have the best kind of curls that are tightly curled and permed up well. Here is the best way in which you can get those frizzy curls in your hair that will look awesome and gorgeous.

The first step is to apply natural coconut oil to your hair. Make sure that you apply the best organic coconut oil all over your hair so that your whole scalp is properly covered. Apply the oil is circular motion and put the hair towards the back. You can also apply a hair moisturizer instead of coconut oil to smoothen your hair so that it can be styled accordingly.

Washing the hair properly

Wash your hair properly with a shampoo and then, use a moisturizing lotion to smoothen the hair. Apply the moisturizer very well, so that the whole hair is covered properly. The moisturizer has Shea Butter, coconut Oil and softeners which is really good for the natural hair. Put the moisturizer well and then tie braid in the hair part by part. Do the same in the whole head.

Separating the braids, one by one

Leave the braids on for some time and then open it up. Your hair would have the curls due to the tied braids. Separate all the curls of the hair and then smooth the curls with the help of a hair brush. Put some cream on the edges so that the hair set well.

Your step to smooth, curly and frizzy hair

You would have some great frizzy and curly looking hair on your scalp if you follow the above process. It is not only very easy to do, but takes very little time as well and at the same time looks good as well.

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