The best way to design a half up half down top knot

The best way to design a half up half down top knot

[tps_header]This hair style is one of the easiest hairstyles that do not require much time to do. Try it out at home and you would be amazed to see your new look. You can wear this hairstyle at parties, as well as when you are out for shopping and other places as well.

Would you like to know a hairstyle that takes just 5 minutes to style and at the same time is apt for any occasion. It is also ideal for people who would not like to wash their hair.[/tps_header]

Segmenting your hair

The first part is to take strands of hair from both sides of your forehead and brushing it backwards. Tie the back portion of your hair with a rubber band so that it stays in place. Now put a little bit of water and then use an edge control product to smoothen the hair at the edges so that it sets well at the edges.

Tie the hair like a top knot

Now tie the hair that you have gathered from the front like a top knot over your head and divide it into two parts and then wrap each section around itself. This knot would need to be put into place with the help of a few hair clips.

The final stage

After the knot is all ready and tied, open the hair that has been tied at the back and spread the hair all around and ruffle it so that it looks frizzy and full. Your half up, half down topknot is ready to be displayed to people who love to style their hair in various ways.

This unique hairstyle takes just 5 minutes to style and it is best for people who do not feel like washing their hair at regular intervals. This is one of the best loved hairstyles as it can be worn everywhere and takes scarcely 5 minutes.