Styling your TWA hair in an appropriate way

Styling your TWA hair in an appropriate way

[tps_header]If you’ve just chopped off your long black hair and now you have a TWA natural hairstyle that you would like to style then you can read this following article. This is an edgy hairstyle which is simple to make and maintain as well.[/tps_header]

Styling your hair is now easy with the help of some ready solutions at hand. Just follow this article and you would have the best looking TWA hair for all occasions.

Applying natural coconut hair oil to the hair

The first step is to apply natural coconut oil to your hair. Make sure that you apply the best organic coconut oil all over your hair and start from the oldest hair tip to the new grown one so that your whole scalp is properly covered. Apply the oil is circular motion and put the hair towards the back. You can also apply a hair moisturizer instead of coconut oil to smoothen your hair so that it can be styled accordingly.

Using a Styling product

Use a well branded styling product like Euphora Curl n Cream or Moroccan Oil intense care and apply wholly to the hair. In the front, the back and the sides. Now, use a curl maker to bring that curl to your hair properly and bind the curls properly. Ensure to set your hair towards the back at all times.

Drying the hair

After applying the stylish gel, dry your hair with the help of a hair dryer until it has fully dried up. Once the hair fully dried up, you would see that the curls have stood up since it was set backwards. Take your comb and make your curls stand up longer and give it a nice fluffy appearance.

This would look great with your small TWA hair style and is very simple as well.