The best kind of corn row braid for amateurs

The best kind of corn row braid for amateurs

[tps_header] If you would like a different style to your hair, then you could try out the corn row style braid that looks elegant and is simple to make as well. Try out this easy hairstyle if you feel that your hair is long and unmanageable.

Who all is the corn row braid hair style for

This kind of hairstyle is for long hair that you would not like to leave open. The corn row braid helps your hair to stay manageable and gets less tangled and does not break easily. This hair style does not take much time as well. Though the hairstyle is easy, it is a little difficult for first timers. However, continued practice would help you to make a great corn row braid.[/tps_header]

The process of tying the braid

Start with three small sections of hair at the beginning. The left, the middle and the right section. Start with either the left or the right section, grab the left section hair and pull it under the middle section. Now, take the right section and pull them underneath the middle section. Repeat this process. The first part is complete. Now take three other parts of hair and add it in the three other hair segments part by part.

Tying your hair

Take some black castor oil and apply on hair properly. Then use a styling gel on your palm and apply that as well. The next process is applying argon oil. Argon Oil helps to nourish the hair and keep it shining. Now, divide the hair into two and make six sections of the hair on each side and make it the way described on both sides.

Your cornrow braid hair style is ready and it looks neat and clean as well.