Learn the puff hairstyle the easiest way possible

Learn the puff hairstyle the easiest way possible

There are several types of hairstyle that you can do with your hair. Curly hair allows more texture to your style. The puff is a very voluminous style for your hair. It is very suitable for office, college and even functions depending on how you accessorise it.

Mastering various hairstyles is an art that is not always very easy to follow for everyone. But when you have really easy tutorials at hand to follow, you can easily transform your hair into various different styles that you can think of. One very popular style is the “Puff” and this is one of the easiest techniques that I have come across.

The method

In this video, in less than five minutes the Youtuber have created a voluminous puff with her hair. As you will see, she has African hair type and has very tight and thick curls to work with. She have piled her hair after pulling it back tightly on her scalp and tied it at the base and then pushed the upward over her head supported over a few perfectly placed bobby pins.

What I liked?

What attracted me to the video first was her hair type- it is naturally textured and hence very stable for such styles. She did not unnecessarily stress her hair out by teasing it too harshly. This is a technique that even the beginners can master. Also the style is very versatile and one can manipulate it to suit any occasion or purpose.

The final verdict of  puff hairstyle

If you are a college girl this is a hairstyle that is not only suitable but very practical and comfortable for your daily need. The hairstyle is highly recommended if you are interested to try it out on yourself.

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