The best way to make great curls in your hair

The best way to make great curls in your hair

Curly hair can really look great if done in the right kind of way. There are some accessories that are required for curling the hair in the right kind of way.Read on to know more about hair curling

Have you wondered of curling your hair so that it looks good and at the same time is not damaged by the heat? Follow this process. Though it is a little time consuming, it is worth the time spent

The things required for curling your hair

The three most important things that are required at the beginning are purpose collection butter smoothing cream, hair protection spray, and a hair curler. First comb the dry hair properly and then make different parts of the hair. This is a tedious process that requires lot of patience and hard work.

Using the butter smoothie

Using the butter smoothie and apply it properly from the root to the tip of the hair. Apply some hair protector spray in the hair so that the butter smoothie can be applied well and your hair is not damaged. Now take the hair and the curler and twirl the hair around the curler half inch from the scalp and keep it in the curler for 20 seconds for  the hair to take the heat. Curl the hair part by part slowly and patiently. You can keep the temperature of the curler to where you want.

Arranging the hair properly

After the whole hair has been curled, arrange the curls with your hands and then with your comb so that it looks fluffy and thick here you have great curly looking hair that can stay for a long time. The hair protection spray will keep your hair safe and glossy and curly also.