Creating a curly style on your krinky hair

Creating a curly style on your krinky hair

 Would you like to create some great curly looks on your krinky looking hair? Then you can get back to the basics of the process and how it is done in a simple and user friendly way. Try this hair style at home. It takes some time and requires patience as well.

The first step to curly looking hair

You would need some Avocado Oil for your hair at the beginning. Wet your hair and apply this avocado oil properly so that it covers your whole hair from the root to the tip.Avacado Oil is also known to be very good for your hair. After applying the avocado oil in your hair you can go on to the Avocado cold cream. The texture of this cream is soft, creamy and smooth. Start by applying at the ends and then through the whole hair.

Using the conditioner

You can use the conditioner as a leave in or a moisturizer. Apply this all over your hair. Finally, you can apply the hair polisher and styling gel. Apply this gel properly in your hair. Now part your hair into different sections and set with a clip. Use a wide toothed gentle comb to detangle the hair properly.

The last phase

After applying the styling gel, take a bit of icy gel on your fingertips and apply on your hair. It would help create the frizz in your hair. Take one part of the hair and braid it well. Make small braids in the same way and leave it to dry some sometime. Now take a hair permer and roll each and every twist one by one and work the way up in a spiral motion. Keep the permers on overnight with a cap that covers your hair. Now open your curlers one by one and you would find bouncy curls in your hair. Add some avocado oil in the tip of the twists and then fluff the hair slowly and gently. Smoothen out the edges with the help of a baby brush.

Your extraordinary hair curls have been done!