The best way to condition your hair

The best way to condition your hair

A hair conditioner helps your hair to look smooth, glossy and soft and it also helps to set your curls in the right way that you desire. However, it is important to know the right technique to apply conditioner in the hair. This article would tell you how.

Clipping the hair properly

The first thing that you need to do is clip the hair properly from all sides. Take a little bit of curl conditioner and apply it on your hair that is left open on the back properly. You can add a little water to the hair for a better definition so that the curls can clump well. Then use a finger detangle that would help to   clump the curls for a better definition and apply to the back part of the hair well. Detangle the hair curls properly with circular motions for some time until the detangler is totally distributed.

Opening the clips

Now Clip the hair from the sides and then let it dry and set for some time. Now open all the clips and leave your hair completely loose. Your curls will feel light and glossy and detangled as well.

Using a styling gel

No look can be complete without a styling gel. Take some good brand styling gel and apply along the hair at the forehead and temple so that it can dry and stay in place and attach them together with clips on both partitions of the hair and then leave it to dry completely. After the hair dries completely, you would see the curls rise up and your hair shine well.

This would look great on your hair and the best part of this is, this style is very easy to make and it can be worn at any occasion.