70 Creative Natural Braided Hairstyles for Black Women

70 Creative Natural Braided Hairstyles for Black Women

Are Your Natural Hair Black Oriented, Soft or Hard Textured Looking for ways to add creativity to get sound-rich and many natural braided hairstyles look no different, because in this article I gave you inspirational braided hairstyles to make you crazy make . Of the many natural braided hairstyles, I have collected the best hairstyles done on your natural hair, which will transform and inspire you for anyone who wants a look at you.


Looks beautiful with stylish, natural braided hairstyles for black women, shimmering … and lots of creativity to bring out the best of the best African image every African American woman loves. For this particular hairstyle above, hair was pulled into rows that covered the entire head and were braided with small braids that stuck inside each other to make hair firm and breathtaking. This lady stole the show by blending her braided hairstyle with floral earrings in blue and white, not forgetting to add a colorful bead in light and dark brown. This hairstyle is fun to party with, perfect for casual and also bride.5c18f347db683ce3293fc1fb58940eae

1. Keep your natural hair in shampoo for a clean scalp that will later produce beautiful braided hair.

2.If you have soft wavy textured hair, the natural braided hairstyle will work out for you. And if you still have hair treated, you can look cute with this braided hairstyle.

3. Visit your hairstylist with either a picture of this very creative hairstyle so you can’t miss the real perception.

4. You will be required to make a hair rinse after two weeks, dry it and finish it with a hair spray to maintain the slim appearance.
To maintain this natural braided hairstyle for African-American and fresh-looking hair, spray it with Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14 in 1 for that daring glossy look, to soften hair and lighten your scalp to itch you .


Have you looked elegant with a fishtail, natural braided hairstyle for black women, which is adventurous, cute and convenient for the cold and hot season? This hairstyle is easy to make because it takes you a short amount of time in the salon, doesn’t cause it to become heat and saves time with fixed schedules by just wearing your outfits and dress shoes instead of spending a lot of time spill into the mirror combing your hair. It is a non-discriminating face shape and skin color that no one will regret. This hairstyle looks cute with young girls and women until the forties, only a nice addition and elegant outfits will take you to great heights.
1.Before you do such a hairstyle to your natural hair, let it be clean, so that your professional hair stylist can pull two sections of hair with the whole head.

2. A line will be formed in the middle to weave two rows of pencil lines, forming one part and then merged into a larger pencil braid extending under the shoulders.

3. Repeat the same process in the second section and you will come out beautiful. Retain this natural braided hairstyle with a wash bottle after 3 weeks or longer, depending on how you feel dirt has trapped your hair and then apply a hair spray of braids to make it look beautiful.
Apply to your hair Black Thang Olive Braid Spray – Women’s 8 oz. to keep your braided hair healthier.


Continuously wear a natural look on your wedding day to showcase the African perspective and beautiful look that every African-American woman will admire or inspire for the next wedding to come. Nothing much is needed to bring such incredible looks to life on your remarkable day or to include them in the book of records as the best black bride. Make yourself a haven by treasuring your natural hair if you take it for a warm comb with the hair in the middle section from the front to the back of the neck. Use a curling tool to fold hair off and bump with volume inward, then secure it with hair pins to hold it firmly. Braid a small section of your hair to the left and right to get a French cut look. Let your look cool by adding a silver hair accessory to one corner of the braids, mixed with a floral earring, make-up that suits your skin color to maintain your natural look. Add it with a net, sleeveless and matching gown to pop up. Make sure you wear heels with a comfortable height in silver or white to look colorful and take off the dance floor with ease.
1. You must have long, natural hair to wash with shampoo intended for natural black hair, while the hair is still moist, use a heat tool to dry it.

2. Use a comb with large hair to straighten hair. Add a few hair products to smooth hair, and tuck the hair in a little to allow it to curl sideways inward to achieve these hairstyles. 3. Leave a small section of hair on either side to make small pencil lines so that the ends can fold into your natural hair, and then you’re done.

4. Add a hair spray to maintain a fresh look.
Add Doo Gro Medicated Hair Vitalizer Mega Thick Anti-Thinning Formula, 4 ounces to add body to your natural hair as it provides all the necessary hair vitamins and nutrients such as shea butter, oil extracts to make your natural hair shiny to make.59c1fda4d127c30aa0d6cf889b6f28eb

As the sky is high, even more natural braided hairstyles are waiting for black women to be exploited, and one in front of you is the right option to consider if you need to wear short natural braided hair. You only need to draw a few corn leaves of your entire head, and mark all corners that finish your head with a twisted head to look cute. Cornrows look so neat with a twisted braid finish that leaves your cute face very visible, with all the attractive features that are well displayed. For the back of your head, the look is just a wonderful and a great solution not to give an incredible look at the end of the day.
1. Withdraw your natural hair by rinsing it clean, cool it with a towel to remove excess water, but leave it moist.

2. Dry your hair by sitting under a dryer or a heat tool, but emphasis is placed on using less heat to prevent the hair from burning or dimming with a lot of heat.

3. Your hair stylist will create a few inches from the corner of the curve, and then twist the braids longer and follow your head curve, ending with a charming hair.

4.The twisted braids will be folded on each other and stitched into position for a wonderful look. 5. Spray your braided hair immediately after braiding to lubricate your scalp to make your hair look shiny.
Extend outstanding looks with natural braided hair by adding Black Magic Braid Spray 8 oz. (Pack of 2) to keep your braided hair pleasant and fresh.d5e721ad6ebd9f07bbf9eb9e591b2b40

With creative, natural braided hairstyles for black women presented in different hair designs, here comes yet another natural braided hairstyle that looks beautiful on all shapes of the face and with different skin colors such as light and dark. It’s easy to make, comfortable, light to carry and carry in all seasons and excellent for turning heads. Your natural hair is split into two parts because the direction of the clockwise bottom is so short and for the top, the surface of the crown section, your natural hair is braided with afro kinky braids to look messy but noticeable to the end of the day. This hairstyle looks perfect in young and for women until their late forties. Dress your creative braided hair with jewelry that matches your outfits to look fashionable.
1. Take a shower on your natural hair with shampoo intended for your type of hair. You can let your hair air dry if you have enough time with you, but if you have no more time, you can choose a heat tool or a dryer, while your hair holds water to soften it a little if you use a hot comb to straighten it.

2.The hair in the lower section needs to be cut short because this hairstyle will look excellent as it is plucked in a small amount and cut short with the design ends.

3.Hair at the top will be twisted longer with afro kinky braids pointing to fronts as it starts from the back of the crown.

4. Finish with a braid of hairspray to make your hair look pleasant.

Apply a Kinky Curly Knot in Conditioner / Detangler – 8 oz for smooth and manageable thick braided hair.cdb7719d1607d97b3ccf47fe056539d3
















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