10 Fantastiese Swart Rieten Haarstyle Met Verlengings

10 Fantastiese Swart Rieten Haarstyle Met Verlengings

While the world today is trying to move trendily in every field or sector, especially the hair industry, black women have also shown the world that creative colors are added to their hair such as green, brown, black, and other colors you mention. can destroy on any given occasion.

Braided hairstyles with an extension have gone the extra mile as in producing them in striking colors that look good to any black woman, whether young to fifty, because this age group can’t give up looking good, though it also means colored wear hairstyles. To them, it shows confidence, class, and civilization like the hair industry.

Beautifully colored, wonderful looks, and with perfect long black braided hair with extension can not make you look ordinary, but change your personality a lot and take you to great heights so that you stand out from the crowd and an excellent look that turned heads.

You can decide to wrap your hair or pull it straight or wavy in whatever hair design you turn on. When I look at this green hair extension, this young lady who dresses it looks so cute and deserves to become a celebrity because her hairstyle puts her in the category. If you are a black lady looking for a celebrity look, then do not proceed as in the correct answer. You can also have it in other colors, such as blonde, brown, white and maroon, purple, or on the mentioned list you mix the hair extension in two colors that work hand in hand.
If you add an elegant piece of jewelry, make sure you make a statement everywhere you go.


• If you fall for dreadlocks, straight or twisted hair, whatever, you will look good too.
• For this hairstyle just in front of you, this cute baby has chosen long colored hair extension in favorite green to fall off the shoulders long enough.
• Her natural hair was clean, washed first, then shaped with large dreadlocks for about two inches and then twisted to the end. This process is repeated until your entire head is done.
• It takes three hours to last, but on one side you press a kind of hair on either side and leave a visible line and on one side you pull a kind of hair to pop a bang, and light hair the front to keep it from covering your forehead and it looks fantastic.
• On the other hand, hair falls below the shoulders and designs your hair every possible style every week after a week to look elegant.


• Immediately apply hair spray after massaging the scalp and hair to make hair soft and lasting.
• If you feel you need to keep it in one position, pull it to the back of the neck and glue it with a colorful hair accessory.
• While going to the shower or bed, cover your hair to prevent it from getting pulled out or hurt.
• If you wash it after it has accumulated and become dirty, make sure to dry it, then end with a hair spray to keep your hair alive.

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You may want to pull off a simple hairstyle that takes a shorter amount of time to make, yet elegant yet economical to match your dark color. You have sorted this hairstyle above.

It only takes one hairpiece, but the results are great and a smile on your face is incredible. This lengthy black hairstyle runs from behind, making the wearer look so sexy. This black hairstyle with extension is so comfortable for all weather conditions, looks great for all destinations, and any black women is dark-colored or light-headed, if perfect. It takes you to make like five larger corns that are paired with the hair extension, and longer to even touch the butt to look cute.
This hairstyle is easy to adapt to any length of jewelry, such as earrings; you can choose small earrings to look simple, or you choose medium or large size earrings and are confident that your look will be as good. Make-up, apply a cute eye and light lip gloss so you can look beautiful. Let’s see how you can achieve such an attractive hairstyle that goes back decades. This hairstyle can take you for four weeks, and within this time the growth will start to appear, change or remove the hair.
• On clean hair, as usual, a black long hair extension is opened and divided into five medium-sized pieces to attach to your natural hair.
• It takes less than thirty minutes to make and sprays your hair after this process to make it soft and moist.
• Wash it once every four weeks, because you regularly flush the essential natural oils from your scalp and cause it to grow early, unless that’s what you expect.
• Apply once every seven days to your hair to make it look bright.
• Let it be washed once a month in the salon or home and dry with a low heat hand dryer. Then add a hair spray to maintain the original look.
• Preferably use cold water if you wash your hair unless recommended, as some hair will be spoiled in the long run when applied with warm water.
Apply an organic R / S root stimulator Olive Oil Shine Spray to restore shine, the moisture your hair needs for better hair.

For some black women who look at trendy hair designs that touch the bust and overflow the shoulders with a perspective to look prettier and sexier, this long, multi-colored hair extension will rest you.

One part of the hair is in natural black and the bottom part in brown wavy colors. The way this hairstyle flows on either side of the cheeks makes your face look cute, regardless of its nature.
A small portion of your front is made with short corn on one side, and the remaining part added with the hair extension to cover the inner corn leaves on all sides and at the back of the neck. Young women and women in their forties look cute with long hairstyles with extensions like one in front of you. This black braided hair extension looks great on all outfits, so you only have to watch the length of your dress shoes to complete your look. If you want that short, then wear braces, less than the garment you wear, above the knees. Then there is not a tall black woman and every length of your dress shoes.

• A small section of your natural hair on the front, on the left, is drawn with cross-cut mini wheat crusts and a smaller section of curves curved to look neater.
• For the other part, make small beads around the head and later fasten it to pieces until the whole head is covered.
• Use the large elongated comb with the extension and then apply a hair spray on it to maintain wavy bounce while also moisturizing the scalp.
• Because the hair extension is long, the hair spray must be applied in large masses to fully moisturize and easily comb.
• While going to bed, collect your hair and cover it to prevent hair from falling on your bed and pressing it to make you uncomfortable.
• In a daily routine, you must comb it because it entangles as you cover it.
• Depending on the height of the extension, it needs massive application, and the hair can easily build up in two and a half weeks, or it will get dirty.
Use BB African Royale BRX Braid and Extensions Sheen Spray for strong hold, easy combing and healthy hair that twists on each eye.

Less that you want to braid your natural with a micro-curly long hair extension with volume falling off the shoulders.

It can be in natural black, maroon or purple, and in the blonde color, whatever the case. You can try it on your natural hair at any time of the season, and for skinny black women, volume with volume makes you look beautiful and measures it evenly to your weight to look incredible.
• Consult your hair stylist for a beautiful braid with your natural hair moisturized.
• Your natural hair is drawn circular with cornrows from the back of the neck and finish at the center of the crown.
• When you add the extension to your natural hair, you usually start at the back, according to the order of the corners of the corn on your head.
• First comb the hair with a large toothed comb and then apply the mass to make hair soft and clean.
• Put so many hair accessories on your hair to be noticeable.
• Apply hair spray every day to maintain this hair with adequate moisture.
• Keep the headgear with you to keep your hair in position if you need to sleep or where your hair should swing and that you should be in one position.
• Wash your hair where necessary but do not do it.
Use African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray for perfect locks, soft and manageable hair and to prevent your hair from falling.

Their different ways in which black women pull hairstyles with extensions, as for others, pull it with curly hair, and others pull with wavy hair, but lastly, to use straight hair extensions and dreadlocks, if they are not sure.

Every hairstyle in all the categories mentioned above looks good in its own way. As you go through this interesting article, you will find a variety of black braided hairstyles that are inspiring and impressive at another time when you think of braiding your hair. This particular black braided hairstyle with extensions looked so fantastic and beautiful with this beautiful black baby here. She does her hair with half a box of braids at the front and ends with straight extensions that fall behind to look elegant. This hairstyle takes a short amount of time because only a small portion of your natural hair is braided. This hairstyle has many options for styling it well, let’s say, besides pushing it back, you can stick it to the back of the neck, and tie your hair from the right side with the hair on the right side, and then rest of the hair below the left shoulder. Alternatively, you can hold it at the back of the neck with a hair band, then rotate it once to look up the saddle, and then fasten it with a hair clip and other options as needed.
• First wash your hair with shampoo that blends with your type of hair, be it natural or treated hair, to maintain proper hygiene of your hair.
• A small portion of your front hair will be left out to create with half-done braids.
• For the remaining part of the hair remaining, the walls are pulled from one end to the other with medium length.
• Then the hair extension is opened, the hair pieces set aside in its various lengths and fastened to the shortest at the beginning of the neck, and each attached to the cornuses, with a line drawn around the section on the braids of the box.
• Lastly, small volumes of hair with hair extension are added to form a medium length braid, and after forming a small knob to make it firm, turn the hair piece at this point and twist the end point through the stiff.
• Adding a hair spray after braiding the entire hair extension and scalp makes it fully moisturized, easy to comb and has a lasting slim appearance.
• It is not necessary for this hairstyle to look fantastic; what you need to keep in mind is to moisturize it where necessary to prevent it from pulling out.
• Avoid regular hair spray, as build-up and dirt form easily because you wash your hair earlier and regularly, which is not a good thing.
Add Organic R / S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Gloss Spray for sufficient moisture and to restore the original hair texture.

See how black braided hair with extensions can take you an extra mile in beauty.

This black woman went for long and big twisted extensions mixed in two colors that usually look good with all black skin tones in favorite black and brown highlights. This black braided hairstyle has fewer brown tips that have placed a colorful spot inside and this input automatically credits this hairstyle.
To me, this hairstyle looks sexy and suits all occasions and fits especially well with black ladies skin from teens to fifties because it is more black than any breed. There is an era of black women out there, especially when choosing trendy hairstyles that will best suit their black personality. This black twisted and long hairstyle with extensions falls into that trendy classic hairstyle that women of the class cannot leave behind.
• As usual, you can buy your hair piece in your favorite colors at large stores or at special places that sell black hair. If you do not know the name of the hairpiece easily, you can also take a photo of this very hairstyle on your phone for easy demonstration
• And if you rely on your hairstylist, don’t bother because it’s all at the salon unless plan b will apply there and then.
• If your natural hair is not so clean and you feel that you are working at home, then it is done at the salon, put under dryer to dry your hair, or use a hand dryer, whichever option you are comfortable with make.
• Now your hair is combed to remove tangles and shortened to a larger braid collected in the center of the crown to avoid, to add a few with the hairpiece turned directly to the scalp to the shoulders off.
• This process will be repeated until all your hair is done.
• Let your hair cool down with a hair spray straight from the scalp to smooth in the scalp, because if the hair is braided on the first day, the scalp tends to be stiff and sometimes sore, so this hair spray will relieve tension.
• With the same hairspray, add on the entire braids for moisture and to achieve the glamorous look you have for yarns.
• Make sure you don’t apply it too many times when applying hair spray to your hair. Make it evenly and prefer to use one application per week.
• Put on as much hair as possible with every outfit you wear. You can release it to embrace your shoulders, hold it to the back of the neck with a pouf holder or with a scarf. Alternatively, place a glitter headband to the forehead to keep your hair free, but in position and more options you may find convenient for you.
• Cover your hair for comfort while showering and sleeping.
• If you want to keep it for longer than four weeks, you should take the salon to a hair wash to keep it cozy.
Use Murray’s Natural Beeswax gives life to braided hair as you apply it to the scalp for even moisture distribution and to the entire braid by rubbing it on your thumb, first applying the rub gently to apply hair to a brilliant appearance.

Black women promise to always pull with braided hair that gives respect, elegance to any destination, envy and inspire anyone who doubts that hairstyles with extension do not make a statement.

In fact, black braided hairstyles with extensions have many styles to go with to name a wonderful name: for brides, bridesmaids and ordinary black women in general.
The chemistry behind braided hairstyles with extensions is that it takes a lot of creativity to make it stand out and turn heads. Look at this hairstyle in front of you; for me it goes to great heights; it makes your lips even smile because you look confident. Try it on your natural hair the next time you fall for black braided hairstyles with extensions that leave you out of the crowd.
• To have such a hairstyle with volume, use two hair pieces, one of which is used to make box rolls, and for the other to be tied to wheat trees to fall behind.
• Order from your hair stylist that your natural hair is thoroughly clean to allow your hair to be braided. The hair at the front to the center crown is pulled with a medium length braid. After the crown, hair extension is added with light waves resting behind to look fashionable.
• For starters, your hair will be done on corn that is from the middle corn area to the back of the neck. The next step is to work on the front to form box braids with it.
• Cut one of the hairpiece’s parks and pull small amounts of hairpieces, then add each piece with small amounts of hair together to get small box braids. These boxes must be completed to the last point.
• If the back is filled with medium-sized wheat leaves, cover the front with boxes that fill half the crown area and the sides, the same length, while keeping a line at the front by pulling hair on either side boxes running on each side.
• Temporarily collect all the hair in the center of the crown with hairpins to complete this front section to prevent interference when you extend the hair at the marrow points.
• Of course, start from the very bottom of the cornrow to the far back of the room until all the wheat leaves are ready to add hairpieces. Use a large brushed comb to comb it when pushing hair from top to bottom.
• Now pull the boxes backwards, in each direction for the hair on the sides drawn on both sides and the crown area, and also the hair in the middle section, but gather in the middle of the crown.
• First tie the boxes together with braiding threads that temporarily help stitch only the bottom part so the ends are free.
• Now pull small quantities of boxes and make them into medium-sized single braids until the entire braid line is done.
• Turn each large, medium-sized box around and look at the wards and put them together using braids and a sickle needle that comes through to make it sturdy.
• Remember to leave a few compartments on either side of the ears, and also add them to large boxes that fall to the bust below the right and left ears to look unique.
• Make sure your hair is always moisturized to always give a slim look.
• You can play around with as many hair designs as possible to change your look every time, but the shortest time each hair design should last is a week or less, the more you pull your hair, weaken it and keep it for for a short time.
• Wash your hair if it is dirty to look healthy.

Mane N Tail Braid Sheen Spray, to add shine, moisture to your hair: keep braids longer and bold and for maximum free hair.

Beautiful hair, a beautiful black woman and fine skin make this baby really stand out. Any black out there who uses light dreadlocks is missing something.

Dreaded rocks are no longer just Rastafarian hairstyle, but trendy modern hair designs for black and white, in which you also impress the color you attract. Dreadlocks look great in Natural Black, Blonde, White, Green, Blue or Maroon, just to give you some how you can fix it, but more colors I didn’t mention here have a multicolored or slight color. Dreaded rocks are usually made very short, medium length and surprisingly longer that fall off shoulders and I myself fell for this length. Dreaded rocks stay longer than any other black braided hairstyle, because it takes you longer than three months, so you’re the type of woman with a tight schedule that suits this hairstyle.
• With your natural hair cleaning book with your hair stylist for dreaded rocks made on special orders as it requires you to sit long, as it is different from the usual hairstyles.
• The reason why this type of hair takes so long is because it is compacted right from the scalp to the end, but is still so long and falls off the shoulders.
• The way this hair is made is needed by a professional hairstylist to work on it. Your natural hair is joined with afro-kinky fiber and a metal tool in the middle, while both hair and fiber revolve around the metal tool, and in this way hair is pulled up a bit and the metal tool thickly compacted to make it stiff.
• This process is continued to cover your entire hair.
• You can also pull these braided dreaded rocks with a side button, before braiding the hair, with a tail end of a comb, a line is drawn on one of the sides. If we look at the hairstyle shown above, the line is drawn to the left, and the hair is pushed down on the right side of one side, just in this setting. Then the rest of your hair is completed to fill these boundaries and back.
• Keep your hair alive by adding a hair spray there and then.
This hairstyle does not have much work as any braided hair deserves, but every day with routine hair spray it will look beautiful.
Another issue I explore with this hairstyle is the addition of essential hair accessories that add value such as a scarf, bandanas or even a comfortable hat and other related hair accessories.
If hair does not get dirty, do not wash it away from home as it needs special treatment, it will take a long time to dry out, as the care you get at the salon does not stand a chance on your own. hair does not work.

Use Mane N Tail Braid Sheen Spray to keep your hair in shape and longer, while retaining the moisture your hair needs, and to prevent the hair from breaking.

Black braided hair with extension has a variety of hair designs to pull off to look cute. These hair extensions exist in different brands to suit everyone.

It can be curly extension, wavy extension or straight according to everyone’s expectation. For the hairstyle right in front of you, a cute black baby fell for a jumpy curly extension, merged in two colors black and maroon. She looks great by pushing all the hair from one side of the shoulders to leaving just a single hair extension, which swings freely on the other side of the shoulder to look stylish.
It does not take long hours to create this hairstyle, as most of your hair is made with wheat leaves and the hair extension just added saves a lot of time. Only that a small amount of your natural hair is done on small boxes at the front, while the rest of the hair is maintained with curls under the shoulders.
• Visit the salon and talk to your hair stylist about what kind of hair you want to make, what length and so on.
• As the lady in the photo above wears a colored hair extension that is curly and long to the bust, or the back, he or she must show the correct picture of which hair meets your expectations.
• Before starting to braid your hair, wash your natural hair with shampoo to remove any dirt in the hair and scalp.
• After washing your hair after washing it, a small amount of hair conditioning is obtained from natural extracts with sufficient nutrients to work on your hair and to deliberately empower your hair to gain weight and power to satisfy the time.
• Your natural front hair will be left to small boxes in small volumes, and before you make that specific area, temporarily created in a large box braid without threads, just to facilitate the braid.
• Then the rest of your natural hair is first drawn with corn, which usually starts from the back, a few inches in front of the forehead.
• When the cornrows are done, the front hair is detached from the temporary large box, then select small volumes of hair with a tail comb to braid small boxes for a few inches, then leave the hair with bouncing curls to the pressure level. When you are done with boxes to avoid interference, your hair will sit together first and fold it a little for ease.
• Now assume that you already have the hair extension in place, then it will be cut from the park, and then set aside to secure each piece on each corn tree until all the grain bows are done.
• Tie the boxes, tie hair products on the scalp and on hair to prevent hair from drying out, but to give a clear look.
It is not necessary for this hairstyle to look beautiful, just add the right hair product to always keep it in the original look and look colorful.
Try to have more hair designs within two or once a week to have a different look, just in case you are bored with one hair design.
Apply TCB Naturals Hair & Scalp Conditioner 10 o to keep your hair soft, beautiful and brilliant.

Black braided hairstyles with extensions have many hair designs that turn heads. This does not mean that it applies only to tissues, but also to braids.

You can pull with multicolored hair that fuses half black and blonde extensions that touch the laps. This hairstyle looks so feminine and sexy, comfortable for all seasons and easy to style in many trendy hairstyles that will compliment every turn.
This black braided hairstyle with blonde extensions looks great in young women until their forties. You don’t have to ask what status you fall into when your blonde hair braids with extensions, because it automatically places the world’s top and says you have a high level of status.
• Visit the salon for yourself. If your natural hair is clean, you do not need to wash it, but if you know that it has stayed longer than a week without washing, your hair will be washed for hygiene first and prevent any discomfort that may occur.
• You can use the image of the hairstyle right in the salon on your phone for your hairstylist to have a correct interpretation of the hairstyle that you really want to bother.
• A hair extension that is maxi long in black and blonde colors is chosen and I think one hair piece is not enough, you can consume at least like four.
• Your natural hair is put together in the middle of your head to pluck small volumes into pieces until all your hair is done with long box braids.
• The front hair will be split and the hair pressed on either side, just like one and a half inches inward, with a small comb’s tail tail for a fashionable line to clearly mark.
• Since this hair is probably long, it will take more than three hours to make it.
• These hairs are fairly economical; You only buy braid spray to keep it moist, and it takes you a month and longer, depending on how you apply it. You can apply the hair spray every day or twice a week
• Keep hair with unique accessories in different positions that look elegant, as you ask yourself in what style; you can hold hair at the back of the neck with a hand or bladder holder, or gather all the hair at the back, with a small hair band to tighten it, and then twist the hair on the back. When you fold, attach it to this position with a hair clip to look fantastic.
• If you want to keep this hair for a long time, if there is dirt due to a lot of hair spray or even dust, you should take your hair to wash to maintain a hair so that you can easily scratch your hair.
Apply BB African Royale BRX Braid and Extensions Sheen Spray for fully moisturized hair, lasting shine and to prevent your hair from itching.