5 Pretty Good Black Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

5 Pretty Good Black Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long braided hairstyles give you more reasons for styling than any other hair length. With short hair you can have a haircut, curl it and for medium length hairstyles there are minimal styles to make it look fantastic, but with black braided hairstyles for long hair you can have more style options than you think. You can create a line on the side or length or to the right of your head, and then split hair on both sides, or you can gather hair at the back of the neck and tie it with a rubber band or pouf holder , if you It’s comfortable with hair that looks at the back and spreads over your entire back, and then looks at the forehead with a hair band around the back and keeps the hair secure to keep it in one position instead of over your forehead to fall.


Try black braided hairstyles for long hair for a cute face and a sexy look

in which you find the color quite interesting. However, if you compare all colors with braids with long hair, black colors are cut on top because it is easy to fit all the outfits and it will fit easily with your natural hair. You can let it touch the buttocks / waist for a longer period and style in such a way that it falls to the shoulders to look fashionable. Any color outfit that captivates you with this hairstyle will be newer as you can observe the lady in the photo above.
1. It doesn’t matter what length you have, it matters to you to have two inches of hair and much more for you to have such a long braided hairstyle.

2. Visit salon and let your natural hair clean off fabric for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Once your hair is clean enough and straight, you and your hairstylist will choose the kind of braid that is long enough to give you the right image you are looking for.

3.Your head will be pulled into parts like three, so it is easy to braid and then make a line on the right side of the corner to separate the hair that falls left and the right side to make small boxes that are long to at the buttocks level, to braid.
1. Right after braiding your hair, add TCB hair care to the scalp to nourish it and east of the stiff skin that is prone to pain due to the braiding of the hair.

2.To the braids, it is self added with a braid hairspray to make them look good.
Black Magic Braid Sheen & Holding Spray is enriched with specific conditioners that add moisture and shine to thirsty dry braids to give more life. Your hair will always look fresh and with an excellent scent.


Ladies get a pretty Christina face for you if you are looking for a little box-black braided hairstyle for long hair that looks distant, charming and pretty, with any face shape and easy to work with a variety of outfits to look pretty. It adds value if you pair it with large earrings. You can look prettier if you draw a little hair to fall on the front of the shoulders and pull a little hair on the back, and you will make every head turn as it is really impressive. It will take you two hours or three hours and you are done. This hairstyle looks ideal for casual, no matter what kind of weather you are experiencing; for cold and dry seasons you will dress up with the outfits that work out to make you feel comfortable.
1. It’s easy to deal with; The only emphasis you should take into consideration is to cleanse your natural hair with the right shampoo intended for your hair texture and color.

2. Remove tangles with a large brush comb, either from home or at the salon. Gather your natural hair onto the crown and tuck small amounts of hair into small long braids until the entire head is done.

3. It will require you to use long braids to achieve such a braided hairstyle.
1. Apply the hair spray immediately from the day you braid your hair, after braiding your hair.

2. For a smooth scalp and slim braids to prevent your skin from falling off dead skin and even hair.
Try using a hairspray of braids to keep nice braids. Undoubtedly, use Lusti Organics Olive Oil Holding Spray to keep your braids with a lasting sheen and for directions on the label.


Girls for women look beautiful with black braided hairstyles for long hair if you try two colors like white and brown. It looks so hot and it is done with braids with warm water. It looks good with any shape of the face and different black skin colors. It is drawn with small boxes that reach the waist or fall on the back. You can use it in different style options to look more trendy. When it comes to the specific hairstyle that is simple but that has a big impact on your appearance, push hair in the middle section and look back and let hair hang in the free hanging.
1. You will be required to rinse your natural hair as cleanly as possible and leave hair wet for comfort when straightening.

2. You can air dry or if you have thick, full hair, use a heat instrument.

3. Then straighten it with the help of the hair stylist two types of braids, one in white and the other in brown.

4.If you braid your hair, white braids will be used in a small section of brown braids to look beautiful.
1. Her hair should be washed within two or three weeks after braiding to maintain proper hygiene.

2. And a braided hair spray added afterwards will make your long braided hair look colorful and with a pleasant scent.
Apply Black Thang Olive Braid Spray to keep your braids moisturized and looking beautiful at the same time.


Steal the show with another small Box Black braided hairstyle, regardless of the specific face shape you have, you will come out exceptionally beautiful and trust your face with many smiles. You can’t go wrong with this particular color that is in the mix, whether in length, because you draw with simple style options and yet look elegant. You can be free to tie your braided hair to the back of the neck or just to the crown to pull a long tail that is fashionable. Just try your natural hair without paying much attention to the cost, because what you as a person want to look beautiful. Wear elegant earrings, colorful lips and make-up to look fantastic.
1. Simply let your natural hair retreat by cleaning it, especially with shampoo formulated with nutrients for body hair, and allow your hair to stand and then stretch if teasing, to prevent it fall.

2.Your hair stylist chooses a black and long braid to create mid-braid braids that look off the shoulders to be beautiful and cheerful as you see the lady in the photo above.

3. Finish with a hair spray to smooth your scalp and to make your braids shiny.
As previously stated, you do not need to wash your hair because you can drain it from the essential oils that crave your scalp, so you can do a single wash once a month, or probably twice as much as you need to. feel it is dirty. Use a specific braid that works on the scalp and the entire braid to hit two birds with the same stone and thus try to be economical.
And this hair spray is none other than Black Magic Braid Sheen & Holding Spray, as it is known to keep your braids moisturized and glossy to make your braids take you long.


Alternatively, you can also look beautiful with long hair extensions that are braided on one side to make a long tail that touches the thigh as you sit or even touch the butt. It makes you look sexier to the opposite sex. It’s easy to make; you spend less time on it and you can alternate the braided tail on the other side or the back of the neck. Either way, you won’t regret the outcome.
1. Visit your professional hair stylist to have a hair rinse on your natural hair, let it dry and comb straight.

2. A line will be drawn in the middle part of the hair, a few inches from the forehead to the crown area. Cornrows are pulled clockwise to fill the entire head.

3.Then a long black hair extension is stuck until then in the cornuses.

4.Hair is pulled from the right side to the back of the neck to fit on the left hand which is braided in the large braid from the shoulders to the waist just before the ends of the ends are secured with a rubber band.
Visit the salon after two weeks or so to wash your hair to get dirty and build up, then let it cool down with a hair spray to keep it soft and moist.
RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: Use olive oil sheen to nourish your hair, keep it oily and manageable.

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