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Hi ladies. There are many types of hair. So, there are many types of hair care you don’t know. Let’s see hair cares on different hair types.


You can not clog your cashmere with hot water. Because our hair is sensitive at the same time, they do not like very hot water. Warm water is ideal for not damaging your hair. Even those who can succeed, should wash their hair with cold water. Cold water, gives a great shine to the hair.


Products containing lipids and ceramides, such as omega-6 fatty acids, prevent hair from breaking. Because these materials fill the cracks in the hair fibers and protect against the heat coming from the fodder. Hair curls will be soft.


If you do not have time to wash your hair in the morning and you need to wash your hair, apply a clear powder to your hair and brush it thoroughly. Also, if you stimulate your tights with a moisturizing spray or foam, your hair will look clean.


If you massage your head while washing your hair, you will activate your happiness hormones. Massage  to the hair shaft, drawing circles with your fingertips. Go back to the ears from there. Then proceed to ensign. Breathe deeply when doing these things.


While washing your hair with normal shampoo, feed the shampoo in a circular motion with the sauce, then rinse thoroughly. If you have shampoo in your head, your hair will dull and dry. Here’s the rule: Use three times as much time as you spend on shampooing. After rinsing your hair to be like squeaks.






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