70+ New Ankara Styles That Are Killing The Scene

70+ New Ankara Styles That Are Killing The Scene

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New Ankara Styles That Are Killing The Scene

Ankara styles are every African woman’s favourite. Whether it’s a wedding or a dinner party or casual day out with your girlfriends, you girls can always experiment with different patterns, colours and designs. Check out in today’s post what’s really turning up the heat this season in Africa!

Wedding style with trendy Ankara dress

If you are getting ready for a friends wedding and don’t know which outfit to rock, we have something exciting and special for you. Wedding style Ankara dresses are so popular nowadays and new styles have started to come up one by one that is really creating new trends. They come in a line, mermaid style, diamond shaped dresses that look stunning. But most of them come in floral prints which is perfect for weddings although you can experiment with different prints.

Ankara jumpsuits

Ankara jumpsuits are also quite a trend nowadays. They have recently taken over African fashion and have definitely turned a few heads. If you want a jumpsuit in the upcoming season, do try some Ankara styles. They have a whole range of prints and colours, come in different styles and variations that will blow your mind for sure. You may try a few variations if you like to make them look more chic and sophisticated.

Ankara jackets and pants

Ankara jackets and pants are also creating a trend nowadays. The ladies are getting new Ankaras stitched. You can easily wear Ankara style pants and jackets with a favourite top of yours that matches with the outfits. You don’t have to wear the jacket if it’s the summer season and keep the top in a spaghetti style. That would definitely look gorgeous. Wear matching heels and bags and try styling it with a nice wrist watch.

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