30 Sexy Ankara styles for Christmas Season

30 Sexy Ankara styles for Christmas Season

Sexy Ankara styles for Christmas Season

Getting ready for the Christmas season? Wanting to wear something sassy and different? If yes, take a look at some of the latest Ankara styles and designs the ladies are drooling over. They look gorgeous, have a nice feel and touch to them and will definitely make you look classy during all occasions! Try them out here.

Flowy Ankara dresses for Christmas

If you have wanted to wear something long and flowy this Christmas, we would definitely suggest you to try a few flowy Ankara dresses. Now such outfits come in several colours, have awesome and sexy prints and be donned in several ways. Always remember that wearing a bright Ankara is not enough. You also have to wear the right shoes and good accessories. Only then will you look glamorous.

Short Ankara dresses with frills

Short Ankara dresses are quite a trend all over Africa and some parts of Europe and States. The ladies love experimenting with different lengths and styles and so should you. A nice Ankara dress with a pretty belt in the centre looks great. You could make it look like a skirt with a flowy top. Use colours such as purple, red and orange to highlight your appearance. Don’t forget a sassy hairstyle and some hoops.

Tight Ankara dresses

When we speak of tight Ankara dresses, we are talking about ebi inspired Ankara dresses. Such outfits are very unique and bright looking. They give you a very different look and definitely get those heads turned. Such outfits can be worn during all occasions during Christmas, whether its Sunday service at church or even a Christmas party. You can wear them with stilettos or regular heels. Just make sure your hair and makeup is on point. Apart from that you really don’t have much to worry about.

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