Why Does Hair Loss Occur and How is it Prevented?

Why Does Hair Loss Occur and How is it Prevented?

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There are certain reasons for hair loss. These are stress, hormone disorders, iron deficiency, genetic and seasonal changes. However, if your hair loss is taking longer, you may have more serious illnesses.

Hair loss often does not last long and is periodic. Therefore, by caring for your hair, you can survive this period with minimal damage.

• To prevent hair loss, you first need to feed your scalp. Just as plants dry out when the roots dry, hair falls out when the roots dry out.
• Eat foods that will nourish your scalp. Water comes first, then vitamins, nuts, chicken, and fish.
• Stay away from stress. The biggest factor that affects hair loss is stress.
• Vitamin and mineral deficiency causes hair loss, so try to eat meals with vitamin and minerals.
• Hormonal changes or rapid weight gain and loss are very effective in hair loss. Therefore, if you have such a problem, you should consult a doctor first.


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