6 tips for Your Hair to Grow Faster than Normal

6 tips for Your Hair to Grow Faster than Normal

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We will give you 6 simple tips for your hair to grow faster. Thanks to these tips, your hair will grow much faster than usual.

• Massage your wet hair forward, starting from the hair follicle while showering. So your scalp will breathe.

• Remove the fractures on the ends of your hair so your hair will grow healthier. Use hair conditioner after shampoo to maintain the oil balance of your hair.

• If you want to grow your hair quickly, definitely stay away from styling tools.

• If you normally bathe in hot water, do your last hair rinse with cold water so that your hair will be brighter and stronger.

• It is important to include protein, vitamin C and E in your diet. Especially vitamin E is a very effective vitamin in hair extensions.


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