6 Reasons Why Your Hair Doesn’t Grow Fast

6 Reasons Why Your Hair Doesn’t Grow Fast

Before using different materials to grow our hair, we need to know why our hair does not grow fast. Maybe you will not even need the masks you will use.

1. If you play with your hair often, you will cause them to break fast. We like to play with long hair sometimes, but this harms our hair very much.

2. If you use hair stylers that are not suitable for your hair, your hair will fall out and new hair strands will not come out.

3. If you do not cut your hair from time to time, your hair will increase and your healthy hair will start to break.

4. Lack of moisture in your scalp is the most preventing factor for the rapid growth of hair. For this, use plenty of water and hair moisturizers.

5. Hot processes that you have done on your hair cause the hair to burn and break.

6. If you are eating unhealthy and irregular, your hair will grow slower than usual.