Have You Tried To Wash Your Hair By Twist?

Have You Tried To Wash Your Hair By Twist?

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Washing our hair every day often feels like chore. But we have to do this every day, especially in the summer. While our hair gets so dirty, do you often think of getting them cut short, most of the time, it’s on my mind. I found a solution for those who want to wash their hair less often, we will wash them after twisting our hair. How Does?
Before the bath, we divide our hair into 6-7 pieces and tie it in two ways. We wet our hair, apply the shampoo to our scalp and rinse well. Meanwhile, we never open our hair. This way, your hair will be less broken. Do not think that your hair is not beautifully washed in this way, because we tried, our hair is beautifully washed, so we wanted to share it with you.



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