20 Under Braids Ideas to Disclose Your Natural Beauty

20 Under Braids Ideas to Disclose Your Natural Beauty

Okay, let’s be real – there’s hardly a woman who finds joy when styling her messy hair early in the morning. Believe it or not, this experience is anything but thrilling. Now compare that to the pleasant feeling of having just a few more minutes left before the alarm goes off. Pure heaven, right?

Good news – you can get ready extra quickly and steal the show on every occasion thanks to the under braid hairstyles!

Braids make a significant difference – try these extravagant hairdos with braids!

Why are braids such a big deal anyway? Just think about all the fabulous braided styles you are offered as if on a silver platter; and honestly, there is such a rich variety of braided hairdos that you’d surely have a hard time choosing among them! The coolest part about under braids is they add glamour to your overall look! Ready to rock it like a star? Check the pictures of under braid styles down below to get inspired!

#1: Red Inward Braids for Rocking Queens

This lovely shade of burgundy is so beautiful against her skin! Celebrate joining the team of red-haired queens by getting your shiny hair braided in three raised braids.

Red Inward Braid

Instagram / @kersti.pitre

#2: Lovely Black Braided Updo

Under braid hairstyles with French braids are some of the most preferred – everyone is talking so highly of those plaits and they never stop being popular! Frankly, it’s quite easy to see why. The classic braid, as it is, gets done in no time! And if you want a more intricate design with curvy big braids and smaller ones in between, you may need a helping hand of a professional braider.

Thick And Thin Goddess Braids Updo

Instagram / @hairprincessss

#3: Casual Braid for Long-Haired Goddess

Match this beautiful Mohawk braid with a sew in the back – start braiding down the mid section turning it into a ponytail or a braided bun. As for the rest of the hair, you can jump into so many ideas!

Half Updo For A Long Weave

Instagram / @the_rose_affect

#4: Impressive Colorful Cornrows

These “delicate braids” look amazingly hot thanks to their size, height and color. The braiding is quite easy to perform, so prepare extensions of your chosen hue, a bunch of clips and ties and get the styling process started!

Four Big Burgundy Under Braids

Instagram / @phenomenal_braider

#5: Mohawk Braid and a Ponytail

What a better way to complete your brilliant look than with a cute and non-pretentious hairdo? As for the options here, you could stick with the traditional braided or non-braided ponytail. Trust your inner beauty guru and you’ll surely rock an amazing look!

African American Ponytail With A Braid

Instagram / @jay_diddathair

#6: Ultra Modern U-Shaped Braid

If you want to learn how to under braid, watch a tutorial – it’s better to see once than read a few times. Once you master the basic technique, you can turn up the heat by trying different gorgeous under braids styles! Tips for killer braids: give your plait an unusual shape and finish it with a ponytail or a top-knot.

Black Curly Side Pony With Under Braid

Instagram / @the_difference_is

#7: Tight Black Swirling Braid

Another magnificent look you can achieve by grabbing hair sections on the right or left side of your head. Work it all the way through until you end up doing a bun. Get your fingers going by using the french technique as you focus on keeping the strands tight.

Bun Updo With Under Braids

Instagram / @tiffanyyyy_j

#8: Cornrows and a Tight Bun

How fashionable are these cornrows? Get to know more about “perfection” as a term thanks to this quite unique cornrow updo with a tight bun! Remember: “practice is your best teacher”.

Under Braids In A Bun Updo

Instagram / @tiff_styles

#9: Afro Style Braiding Idea

These two underbraids fit for a Queen feature distinct outer edges and blended inner ones. The puffy pony is optional, but it certainly adds to the showiness of the hairstyle.

Black Braided Hairstyle With Curly Pony

Instagram / @chermikamichelle

#10: Two Ombre Braids

The three-strand braids transition into the two-strand fishtails along with fun transitions of colors – black, purple, white. The result – a fabulous coiffure as an excellent choice for a night out!

Under Braids Pigtails

Instagram / @kersti.pitre

#11: Spiral Braid with a Straight Ponytail

It’s time to upgrade your styling skills by blending a typical braid style with a fresh and new look! Don’t be a stranger to hair experiments! Even such a detail as edges can be styled creatively in cute waves.

Straight Pony With Under Braids

Instagram / @the_difference_is

#12: Braided Headband for Curly Hair

Running late for work or a meeting? Tame your hair by turning the mess into a spectacular braided ‘do. How? Grab a bunch of strands and braid them into a beautiful headband – so pretty and cute.

African American Curly Hairstyle With A Braid

Instagram / @izzabellaaa___

#13: “Black Crown” Braid

What starts as a standard braided method gradually turns into a lovely “crown braid coiffure” – an ideal option for a special event. You don’t have to use the extensions that match with the natural hue of your hair. Opt for a two-tone look instead and enjoy the bonus of colored hair without having to dye you own strands.

Underbraid Updo

Instagram / @tiffanyyyy_j

#14: Side Pony and Raised Braids

Those glossy braids could have rushed to the sky but drowned in the curly clouds of the fluffy pony. The waves of baby hairs contribute to the magic of the whole look. Love, love, love!

Underbraids With Side Curly Pony

Instagram / @hairprincessss

#15: Extravagant Braid in Action

Show off your glamorous side with this divine braid which is cute, feminine and extra tall. A long sleek pony is the best compliment to such a cool Mohawk braid.

Mohawk Underbraid With A Sleek Ponytail

Instagram / @redd_divine

#16: Thin and Thick Cornrows

Thin and thick braids all at once? Why not? Mix thin and thick french braids to get the perfectly tamed strands for a smoking hot and modern look. Finish off with a low braided bun or a ponytail.

Underbraids With A Low Bun Updo

Instagram / @izzabellaaa___

#17: Easy Casual Braided Updo

Here’s a quick and pretty ‘do that’s ideal for undercuts. Not only is it ultra trendy, but quite wearable as well! See it yourself and try it right away!

Braid And Bun For An Undercut Hairstyle

Instagram / @the_rose_affect

#18: Heart-Shaped Fishtail Braids

These fishtails are pulled apart and then brought together for a creative braided look with an idea behind it. A variation of pigtails that don’t look childish at all makes all the difference.

Fishtail Pigtails For Natural Hair

Instagram / @luscioushairbraiding

#19: Triple Braid with a Bun

Simple three braids running in parallel lines towards the nape of your neck can result in a truly magnificent under braid look. Leave the ends of the braids freely hanging to wear them as a braided pony or wrap them into an elegant bun.

Three Underbraids With A Low Bun

Instagram / @tiff_styles

#20: Long and Big Cornrows

Four burgundy cornrows with beads provide a discreet yet noticeable style you’ll love to wear for a while. These can be easily styled into a low bun from the previous example or braided for a big four-strand braid down your back.

Four Thick Under Braids

Instagram / @stylz_by_trudy

Which under braid hairstyle would you try? Whatever you choice, you will surely look like a rock star!

Under braids are so chic and wearable that you’ll never regret you’ve got them.