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If we have long hair, we can put our hair in many hair styles. The ponytail hair model is a classical model and it is the hair model that we use easily during the school period or we collect directly with a rubber buckle. The ease of construction makes us comfortable for ladies. Today, it is among the hair models that many women easily use. Of course we talked about long hair at first, but the hair on the middle shoulder lines has the dada paddle models. When we talk about the ponytail model, we call it an easy model, but this is misunderstood for you. There are so many stylish ponytail models that you can easily choose and use even on special occasions. We are in such a period that sometimes the old ones become fashionable. Everything can change at any moment. Fashion hair styles are also reflected and may require changes in the hair. Your mind can come up with more modern stylish puck models than a classic puck model.