Interesting Information You Have Never Heard About Hair


Interesting Information You Have Never Heard About Hair

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-A hair reveals many things that are related to you. The drugs you use include illegal substances and DNA. It is not difficult with today’s technology to find out what region your great grandmother lived with just a single hair 40 thousand years ago.
-Atomically, 50% of our hair consists of carbon. This is followed by 17 percent nitrogen, 6 percent hydrogen, 5 percent sulphur.
-A hair can carry up to 100 grams of weight. That means you can carry about 2 elephants with about 150 thousand hair on your hair.
-All the hair is made up of dead cells. Yes, thousands of dead cells are waiting in our heads. The exception is the hair in the epidermis. It’s still alive.
-The most common hair in the world is black. The rarest hair is red. Redheads make up only 1% of the world.

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