Why Does Your Hair Dries Despite Using Hair Conditioner?

Why Does Your Hair Dries Despite Using Hair Conditioner?

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Drying of hair is a problem that many women try to deal with today. Dry hair brings with it many hair problems. The worst of these is hair loss. If you have hair dryness, the causes will probably be the reasons we mentioned below.

If you drink less water, your hair cannot get enough moisture and it dries. Drying scalp cannot provide enough nutrients to hair and causes hair to break over time.

Washing your hair more than it should be can cause the natural oil that nourishes your hair and makes it look healthy. There is natural oil on your scalp which gives it to your hair. Shampoos remove this oil from the scalp.
If your home is too much hot, it dries your hair and skin. Especially heaters take all of the moisture from your hair and skin.


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