Efficient Methods to Stop Shrinkage in Pure Hair

Efficient Methods to Stop Shrinkage in Pure Hair

When you’ve got kinky, curly hair and rock your pure texture, you probably take care of curl shrinkage. Whereas the consequences is probably not as noticeable on sure pure hair subtypes, some ladies have claimed to expertise shrinkage as much as eight inches when their hair goes from moist to dry. Wish to decrease shrinkage as a lot as attainable? Check out the following tips for lengthy, sturdy locks that also showcase your pure texture.

What Is Hair Shrinkage?

Shrinkage is a lower in size which happens as kinky, curly hair goes from moist to dry. It’s typical for all curls of sort three and 4, for some locks of sort 2, and strange for wholesome sort 1 hair. The explanation for this distinction in size is that whereas hair is moist, it’s weighed down, so curls stretch and fall to their most size. As hair dries, inches of size disappear.


shrinkage hair in natural hair

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Be sure you perceive what sort of hair you have got with a view to understand which strategies work greatest so that you can decrease shrinkage. Extra noticeable shrinkage is in sort 3c and kinds 4a, 4b, 4c pure curls. Waves of sort 2 and kind 3a hair will look nearly the identical in moist and dry situations, so with proper merchandise and styling strategies you may stop the lower in size.

Word, that whereas curl shrinkage may be irritating or bothersome and you may’t do away with it fully, curls that bounce again into place are sometimes instances the healthiest.