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Hi ladies.

The hairstyle is a difficult problem for all of us. Every season has its difficulties that make us worry about when going especially to somewhere special. The cold weather in the winter season, the rain, and the snow makes our hair look dirty and fluffy.

When we use hats to save our hair, it breaks again the style of our hair. So, using normal hair in winter is not easy.


Weaving Hairstyles on Natural Hair 1

You have heard before about the hair braidings. Ghana’s hair braids are so popular nowadays. But, you may stay away from these styles because of your prejudice.

Weaving Hairstyles on Natural Hair 2

Firstly we want to say that using ghana braids is easier in winter days. And don’t worry, you can wash it easily.

Weaving Hairstyles on Natural Hair 3

On snowy days, rainy days, or windy days, you can use these styles in every type of weather. Because it will not break up or look fluffy in every case.

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Weaving Hairstyles on Natural Hair 4

Of course, you have to be careful about using this style. Firstly, it’s not recommended to wash it every day. You can wash it between 2 or 3 days.

Weaving Hairstyles on Natural Hair 5

Do not wash your hair with very hot water as it melts the acid and protective lipid layer on the hair shaft. Prefer warm water.

Weaving Hairstyles on Natural Hair 6

Do not wash your hair with soap. Because soap contains alkali, it causes skin fungus and bacteria to dry out. Use supportive medicines that include vitamins, zinc, selenium, methionine, E, B, D vitamines that your dermatologist recommends to feed your hair if you have a lot of hair loss.