How To Make A Shawl Combination In Aso-Ebi Dresses

How To Make A Shawl Combination In Aso-Ebi Dresses

Hello ladies. Shawls are the most important pieces of Aso-Ebi dresses. In this article, we want to talk about on how to make good combinations of your shawls.

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You can combine your dominant color clothes with the clothes of the same color and herpes. I would recommend you to use this method in times when the actual parts of your combine (skirt, shirt, tunic etc.) are in dominant colors. If more than one part of your clothing has to be the same color, the parts should exactly be the same color or the different color tones.

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The number of colors you use is important. Do not exceed the number of colors you use in your main clothes. This is not a scientific boundary, but of course the measure is important for an elegant look. If your color number is too high, your shawl should be relatively less colorful and plain, or the opposite.

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You can find a lot of advice in this article, but I will say the following. The easiest and most effective way to find a suitable color for your skin is to face the mirror. If your shirt gives you a hundred bright, then your day’s shade will shine. Unfortunately, a design shawl does not look in your skin as you would in the catalog.

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Though black-and-white shawl contrast is suitable for formal environments, it is good to complete it with a pale-colored scarf.

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Don’t forget, a good combination of the colors will make your dress more beautiful. Make the right combination.