Home Natural Treatment Cure For Low Porosity Hair

Home Natural Treatment Cure For Low Porosity Hair

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By supporting our hair in all respects, we can easily do all the care at home. You won’t have to pay expensive medicines to care for your hair. You will be able to make the most natural treatments for your hair with your own hands.
We will do our hair care cure today with onions.

Divide 1 onion into 4 pieces. Add 2 glasses of water and boil together. After boiling for 5 minutes, let the water warm. Once the water cools down, remove the onions, tighten them by hand and rinse your hair with water. You can wash your hair once a week with this water. Since the onion boils, it will not leave a bad smell in your hair. If your hair still smells, then you can add lavender oil to your shampoo.

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