50+ Photo Best Braided Box Hairstyles for Black Women

50+ Photo Best Braided Box Hairstyles for Black Women

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See how black beauty. This lady in the picture above has braided braids that lie along, but are tied … around the crown to make a nice hair design so that she is comfortable not to cause unnecessary heat, but at the same time looks fashionable.

This hairstyle looks good on all face shapes and skin tones, only good maintenance is what allows your hair to look good without hair extensions, to cause skin irritation for a while, and then start washing for three weeks.

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As a way to spoil your day, you add jewelry and makeup just for the full look. You can wash your hair both at home and in the salon, so that it always looks neat and shiny. If you want to pamper your appearance, you can also add a neutral scarf around a medium or small crown to color the crown.




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