60 Afro Hairstyles That Embrace Your Natural Texture

Try Before Anybody Else, Short Curly Hairstyle
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In the 1960s, Afro Hairstyles became a sign of black acceptance and the defining image of the wave of black supremacy. The new wave in popular culture and policy was embodied by prominent entertainers including Diana Ross and Pam Grier along with liberal leaders such as Angela Davis.

Black hair is and will still be political; this is evidenced by the passage of legislation such as the Crown Act, which forbids prejudice against schwarzhair in the schools and at work. While the bill is only valid in five States currently (California, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and Colorado), I am looking forward to the next century of change.


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The new natural hair trend is reminiscent of the groundwork of the black voices before us. We are now experiencing an era in which we see the visibility of black hair in all mediums, empowering black women everywhere to wear their hair as it is without reserve. As a 4C girl who learned to love my fro, I’ve found that watching other naturals love their coils has made me fall back on my own.


Here, find 60 beautiful Afro Hairstyles touches of frost that will motivate your next cropped cut, or give you the confidence to encourage your coils to take up room in the world.