50 Famous African American Baby Names for Girls

50 Famous African American Baby Names for Girls

A child is a gift from God to every person. By giving them a beautiful and apt name, parents can convey their love and affection to them. Were you concerned and frustrated about finalizing your baby’s name? Also, to make the job easier, we’ve come up with a list of beautiful African American baby girl names.

Many common African American Baby Girl Names By Meanings

We hope that our assistance will be useful enough for you to agree on a perfect name for your little girl. Let’s take a look at the names:

Names                                       Meanings
AbanaIt is an African American baby girl name that sounds sophisticated. Individuals with such names are expected to be ‘a strong personality’ in their lives.
AbscoThis rarely heard name adds a unique identity to your child. It means a person with ‘an innovative mind’.
AchebeIf you are from a religious family then go for this name. It means that this person is always protected by the Almighty.
AdaehThis name is very classy, it points out to a crowned person. People with such names are expected to be very responsible and well-known.
AdammaYour daughter is the most beautiful girl in the whole world. This name reflects her beauty and makes her the center of attraction among the crowd.
AiyshaThe meaning of the name is ‘complete and powerful person’. Individuals with such a name are very determined to achieve their goals in life.
AmahleA baby is the most beautiful gift to a parent, they are so cute and adorable. This name means ‘the prettiest or finest girl’.
BainaIt refers to a girl who is bright and glitters like sunshine. These individuals are amazing people to talk to and are very friendly in nature.
BehatiEvery baby is a gift or a blessing to their parents. Thus, this name suits your daughter well as it means ‘blessing’, this will even make her feel special.
BisaA girl is the world of her parents. They do love them immensely. By giving your daughter this name you can convey your love and affection as it means ‘being loved’.
ChalondraA name is an identity to a person and thus, this will be one of the best names as it means ‘a smart person’.
ChipoThis short and simple name has a great impact. It means ‘a gift’ and since every child is a gift to their parents, it is always highly suggested.
DayoA baby is a bundle of joy to every family. Therefore, this name is very suitable as it means ‘arrival of joy’.
DeluA daughter is always very precious to her parents. Delu means ‘on who is exceptionally very beautiful’. This name is very much in trend now.
DurahA baby girl is very precious to her family. The meaning of this name is ‘pearl’ and thus this name is totally suitable.
EegaEvery girl is free to fly and achieve all her goals so the name Eega in literal term means ‘bird which flies high’. Thus, this name is suggested in the top list.
FabunniThis is one of the old African American names which means ‘thing which was given by God or a gift’.
FahariA name adds the first identity to a person so you can opt for this as it means ‘a smart and confident woman’.
FaizahThis name refers to victory. An individual who turns out to be very successful in life because achieving all her goals is like a cakewalk to her.
FarajaEvery parent would love to provide a comfortable life for their daughter. This name in itself says that the girl will enjoy comfort throughout her life.
FeechiAre you from a religious family? Then is the best name for your daughter as it means ‘a woman who worships the Almighty’. This a very popular name.
GasiraThis is one of the common names from the African American region which means ‘a brave person’. In this competitive era, it is very important for a person to be strong and brave.
GhalyelaA baby is everything to the parents, to convey their value for you, you can choose this name as it means ‘one who is very valuable’.
HagosIt is one of the unique names which means happiness and joy. The name means gift and is appropriate for your daughter as she is also a precious gift to your family from God.
HanuniThe name means the baby is always ‘happy and cheerful’. Such people are always satisfied with what they have.
HoyamIt is a trendy baby girl’s name. The name means passionate love, it shows how parents boundlessly love their child.
JahiaEvery parent expects their kids to grow and be successful in life. People with such names are widely known and gain fame in life.
JahmeliaEvery girl is beautiful in her own way. You can use this name as it is one of the top listed names. Girls with such names grow into beautiful ladies.
JettieIndividuals with this name have an amazing personality. As the name means, they always attract people around them and be the center of attraction.
JuleneParents always expect their kids to live life fullest. Therefore this name is very suitable as it means ‘youth’ and naming her so will always keep the essence of being young in her.
KabiliThis is one of the commonly used names which means ‘one who is honest and brave’. These two features are very important to be there in a person in order to survive in this competitive era.
KaikaraDoes your family believe in religion a lot? Then this is the appropriate name for your daughter, Kaikoura means ‘God’s traditional name’.
KamirahThis beautiful and sophisticated name means ‘a lady who is big-hearted’. In life, such people help the poor and needy a lot and proves to be a generous person.
KatlegoParents wish for the success of their children in whatever they do. So this is the most suggested name to you as in itself it means ‘success’.
KeciaAs said always that a baby is the bundle of joy for every couple and every family. To convey your thoughts to your daughter you can opt for this name as it means ‘joy’.
KeeyaA daughter is very pretty and delicate, naming her Keeya will be best as it means ‘a flower of the garden’. Moreover, floral names are in trend now.
KendyA baby is the life of a parent and is immensely loved. In order to convey your emotions go for this name as it means ‘one who is loved a lot’.
KessieThis is one of the pretty African American girl names. It means ‘lion’, individual with this name grows to be a great leader in their life.
KinfeThe name means ‘wings’. Every girl has the right to fly high and gain success in life.
KyaThis is a short, sweet name which tells the value of the person, It means ‘a diamond in the sky’. In due course, these individuals shine in whatever field they choose.
LesediIt means ‘a ray of light’. These individuals generally help and support people in pain and need.
LethaboThis is one of those African American girl names which means happiness. For every parent, a baby is a bundle of joy.
Lu’luA child is invaluable to her parents. Naturally, the name means ‘pearl’ and it perfectly suits your daughter.
MalaikaThis is a very commonly used name all over the world which means ‘an angel from heaven’. Thus, it is also a highly suggested name.
MasaraThis is one of the cute girl names which means ‘a magical woman’. Individuals with such names spread positive vibes wherever they go and are always loved and respected by all.
MelokuhleThis is a very strong name that points to the one who always stands for what is right. These people generally are aware of their surroundings and are helpful in nature.
NaserianLuck plays a very important role in everyone’s life. To gift your daughter her luck you can name her Naserian as it means ‘a lucky person’.
NatakiAll parents expect their children to have a successful and comfortable life. Therefore, this name is perfect as it means ‘one who is born royal’.
YakiniThis African American baby girl’s name means ‘a truthful, honest woman’. It is a very important quality to be a good person in the future.
ZahraA floral name is always classy for baby girls, it suits their delicate nature. Thus, Zahra is one of the top listed names which means ‘a flower’.

This list is a selection of names with various meanings from the most elegant and most recommended names. We hope you’ve found the name you’ve been searching for your precious daughter.