40 Hottest Braided Hairstyles You Should Try This Week

40 Hottest Braided Hairstyles You Should Try This Week

Braids are so lovely and look nice on everyone at all times.

You can try out a lot of hairstyles this weekend, but we have brought you some of the best. Be driven.

Keep things subtle and simple with this look that is as understated as it comes, Ghana braids. This Ghana braid look is exactly the hairstyle you need if you have a million places to be in a single day with all the braids done up in a straight back style and accented with a few zigzag braids.


Here’s what happens when you decide to break the pattern and follow your own drummer’s rhythm. You begin to infuse classic hair looks with your own sense of style. The best example of that is these dense, twisted Ghana braids. Attach the golden blond highlights to them and you have something special on your side.


Here’s what I call a terrific look now. With the help of thin cornrows running perpendicular to them the elegance of the Ghana braids in this style was accentuated. Twist the loose ends of the braids and tie them up in a super high top knot to finish off the look.


It’s a crazy fierce look that we can’t wait to try for ourselves, darker and making their way to the sun, with even a few reddish strands thrown in for good measure.

Such things as ethnic context, social class, faith, and even kinship will also rely on the form and style.


Sport this style and certainly, you’re going to send off some serious vibes of Lara Croft. Only go around your head for some alternative thick and thin Ghanaian braids and tie them up in a high ponytail. And accentuate the braids with some gold beads to kick the cool factor up a notch.