Why Our Natural Hair Doesn’t Grow Fast?

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There are many factors that prevent our hair from growing fast. Some of these are congenital, and some are caused by the neglect of our health. If we cannot change factors that are congenital, let’s try to change what happens later. These are the factors that prevent our hair from growing fast:

Vitamin deficiency – Protein, biotin, and vitamins are the most helpful substances in hair growth. If your hair does not grow fast, these are missing in your body.
Unbalanced nutrition – Fast food foods, carbonated drinks, and junk food, irregular nutrition, all this cause your hair to lose nutrients.
Stress – If you have a stressful life, it reflects on your body and hair. For a healthy life, stay away from stress.
Cigarettes and alcohol – They do not harm only your hair, but all of your body.

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Why Our Natural Hair Doesnt Grow Fast