What Can We Do To Thicken Our Hair Extensions?

What Can We Do To Thicken Our Hair Extensions?

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Unfortunately, our hair doesn’t look lush for a long time when its strands are thinner. Although we grow them instantly with some tips, our hair looks very dull again in the long run. You can make your hair permanently thick with the natural methods you will prepare at home. How Does? With stinging nettle.
The chemicals inside the nettle suppress the DHT hormone called dihydrotestesteron, which triggers hair loss, prevents hair loss and makes your hair grow from hair roots to hair strands.
Using a glove, separate the stinging grass from its roots. Put it in water and boil for 5 minutes. Then let it steep for 10 minutes in hot water. After the bath, rinse your hair with this water. You will have more thickened hair strands in 2 weeks.


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