What Are the 7 Colors That Suit All Skin Tones?

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Hair Color Suitable For Dark Skinned Women
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We chose 7 colors suitable for each cit shade for you. Here are the shades that will suit you in every way.
1. Emerald green – Emerald green clothing adapts to every skin tone and makes it look very vivid.
2. Fuchsia – Fits all skin types. It will not only shade your skin color but also make it shine more.
3. Charcoal color – It will suit every type of skin, as well as every shade of clothing.
4. Dark blue – You can always wear this stylish and sporty color tone on your skin.
5. Cobalt blue – A piece of this color that is suitable for all occasions in every season should definitely take its place in your closet.
6. Teal blue – This shade of blue, which fades to green, resembles the sea and suits both dark and light skin.
7. Purple – Purple, the color of nobility, will make you look very stylish both in summer and in winter.

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