Try The African Head Wraps

Try The African Head Wraps

If you have a turban scarf or a long piece of colored fabric, let’s learn more about how to tie a turban scarf, what to say! The steps are very simple and with a little practice you can master it too.

Wrap the scarf from front to back so that both free ends fall before your eyes
Twist the loose ends together into the upper knot, as shown in the figure, and twist it around the crown of the head.
Now take a colored scarf with a pattern and place it as one on the top knot.
Twist one end left, right and vice versa
Let both ends meet at the center, which would be on top of the knot already made
Fill up the ends and voila, you have a chic scarf in a turban!

turban headband


Beautiful scarf in a turban style
The last style to be displayed at parties this season will be an elegant vintage style in a turban style, which has a large volume. Do not forget to follow the steps to simply upholstering the turban, as stated in the above styles, but this time use a very long scarf or headband so that you can wrap more around the back of your head and achieve such a volume! With a turban-style scarf, you can get a high crown, medium bun or low hairstyle!


turban scarf

Side bun turban
Turban outfits A turban, well-dressed and combined with an outfit, will turn a simple, soft look into a much more interesting one. If you want to go the extra mile with your style, follow this turban lesson here:

Use a rectangular scarf and fold in half.
Wrap it on the back and tie it on the side.
Twist the two ends together and wind the twisted tail around you.
Straighten the bun while twisting so that it does not pop out too much.


Side Bun Turban

Stylish Turban Style
This is one of the different types of Turban styles that comes in handy on bad days. Now, let’s learn from this lesson how to wrap a turban in a complicated way-

Fold the scarf or headband in half and place it near the back of the head, covering your ears.
Pull the ends forward and make two knots.
Spread the ends of the wrappers and lay them back, covering your hair.
Adjust the wrap on your forehead to suit your comfort.

Screenshot 1


Bow style
Tying a turban wrapper can look very complicated and tedious. But we have an amazing onion style that can be wrapped in a few minutes. Make the most of a female turban style and hit the look

Fold the scarf in two and wrap it around the back of the head.
Gather all the hair by pulling it in front and make a knot on the crown of the head.
Now make the bow in front.
Adjust the bow so that it sits firmly on the head, and tuck the loose ends of the scarf into the bow or wrap the head.


Screenshot 2

I hope you have collected all the tips, tricks and styles on how to wrap a turban in the most stylish way. Have fun!