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While we care for our hair, we make a lot of mistakes. Of course, we do these mistakes without noticing. Let’s learn the mistakes we made, because we can not get the efficiency we want in any way we apply.
• The more we wash our hair, the better. False. If we wash our hair frequently, our scalp gets tense and dry, so that our hair starts to dry.
• After the bath, we should comb our hair immediately. False. If we comb our hair wet, we will cause them to fall out much more.
• If we don’t cut our hair, we will have longer hair. False. Our hair grows faster as long as we get our hair fractures.
• We must dry our hair with a towel. False. Towels cause hair to become electrified. Therefore, use a t-shirt to dry hair.
• Hair dyes nourish the hair. False. Since hair dyes contain high chemicals, it burns your hair even if you do not use heat.

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