Otherworldly Uniqueness and Freedom of Style Zig Zag Braids Vibrate with

Otherworldly Uniqueness and Freedom of Style Zig Zag Braids Vibrate with

The popularity of braided hairstyles grows by the day. New trends are always there to follow, which may be confusing to some, especially when it comes to the styles that are pretty much an alternative variation of another. Zig zag braids are a fresh word in the world of cornrows, and there are countless reasons why people are head over heels about the trend. Not only these braids suit ladies of all generations, but they are equally fit braids for men too. Are you curious about the new guy on the block? Then this expert guide is precisely what you need to start from!

What are Zig Zag Braids?

With the variety of tree braids and stitch braids to pick from, you may have missed the zig zag braids. That is why you should learn what the style represents before you decide to commit to it. Zig zag braids are a close replica of classy cornrows, but the parts are the primary difference that stands between them. The zig-zag braids are done using zig-zagged parts instead of good old straight ones. While the braid replicates the part’s pattern, an impressive and unique style is achieved. It is possible to create the style on your natural hair if the length allows it, but zig zag feed in braids are incredibly versatile and thus insanely required.

Just like most protective hairstyles, think box braids, for instance, zig zags require some skill and experience to be achieved. However, all it takes is the proper guidance at hand to succeed with the trend without leaving the comfort of your own home.

  1. Start with parting your locks in the middle, horizontally. You have to achieve two main sections – the top and the bottom.
  2. Secure the bottom section with a hair tie. Spread some hair oil over the part.
  3. Now, divide the top section, right in the middle, so that you have two parts with a small section of hair left in-between. This time do it vertically. Secure the side sections and leave the middle loose.
  4. Divide the middle section into small segments. Make sure that each piece faces the other side than the previous one. If your first segment goes right, the next will have to go left. Repeat the process until you reach the end of the middle section.
  5. Start cornrowing the first segment, facing it to the right. Before you reach the end of the row, add a small section of hair from the following segment so that you can create a smooth vertical transition to the next piece.
  6. Don’t braid the vertical line completely. When you are about to finish it, grab a strand of hair from the left-to-be section and cornrow it like before.
  7. Repeat the process until you are through with the middle-part section of hair.
  8. Continue parting the rest of your tresses in the exact same fashion until you run out of loose pieces, and enjoy your homemade zig zags!
  9. How to Do Zig Zag Braids on Natural Hair?

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Amazing Zig Zag Braided Hairstyles

Now, when you know the basics of zig zag stitch braids, you may want to take it a little further and experiment with these peculiar cornrow braids so that your style is up-to-date and unique-looking. To achieve the goal, you may require a fair share of inspiration pointed your way, and that is precisely what you will come across in this section!

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7 Zig Zag Braids with Low Bun




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25 Zig Zag Stitch Braids

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Curly high bun


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Ghana zig zag

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Zig Zag Braids

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Ziz Zag

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