Mercy Aigbe Gentry and the styles that she likes slaying

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Mercy Aigbe Gentry is the name of a Nigerian born actress, businesswoman owner of Magdivas boutique and sirector and she has been on the style radial of for a while now. The website feels that the time has come that the general people get to know about her trend account.

In spite of being the most branded for her motion pictures in Yoruba language as this site has kept tabs on the actress they know that this actress cum director is a hardcore trend aficionado and it isn’t a surprise that she is owner of a trend boutique.

She in inclined to slay in all Aso Ebi varieties. The most modern that was noticed by the site was when she appeared in a spectacular powder blue robe to a funeral. This gorgeous fashion is so straightforward and chic ad she slayed just as a bona fide fashionista would.

However, you cannot point out that this hip Nollywood actress opts just for lengthy robes that go right down to the floor. On this post, you can check out how stunning she appears in a pinkish gown while attending the wedding ceremony of her sister.

And she can’t be classified as a lace aso Ebi slayer and is an expert at throwing that killer look in the Ankara varieties also. This post has a picture of her sporting a pretty Ankara jacket of TSmart couture. She wears this with a good-looking multicolored jumpsuit.