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Let your natural hair take a break with an array of crochet braid hairstyles. Crochet braids are hair extensions that are stitched into your own hair with a needle. Crochet braid hairstyles were very popular back in the 90s and now it is coming back again. So how do you create a crochet braid hairstyle and how long does it take? Create rows of cornrows with your entire hair.

Use a crochet needle to insert your hair. Pull the needle well until a hoop is created. Place the hair through the loop with the tails on one side. Your natural hair has now been braided. This is a hairstyle that takes a pretty long time to perform, however, it looks unique and beautiful.

Once your hair has been braided, it can last for around 2 months or so with care. These kinds of hairstyles are typical among the black but are now used among white as well.

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