Makeup in Nigeria and their power of transforming

Makeup in Nigeria and their power of transforming

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Not a great many weeks have passed since the reward – winning Nigerian novelist had been proclaimed as a diplomat for a trendy pharmacy chain of UK as well as Ireland, Boots as well as their No7 good looks trademark.

A brief motion picture series that had the title of “Ready to Speak Up” was then released. In this motion picture Chimamanda has a discussion with Gemma Cairney, the presenter, Gizzi Erskine, the chef, Cherry Healey the broadcaster, Sali Hughes the journalist, Louise O’Neill an author and Sarah Willingham, an entrepreneur.

The ladies indulge in conversations on the subject of makeup as well as the diverse ways in which makeup has altered their lives or created any sort of impression on them.

They went on to compile three videos footages, introducing Make-Up inspirations, Chimamanda, as well as discernments of makeup for the people to enjoy and get pleasure from.

It is a general idea as well as belief that Makeup goes a long way in making a lady appear gorgeous and stunning. However, all of the makeup that has been posted in this post is a few that you are not likely to have had the chance of seeing anytime earlier.



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