How Should You Care for Ghana Braids in the Summer Season?

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How Should We Take Care Of Ghana Hair Braids In Summer
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In the summer, you need to care for your braids more than usual. In the summer, we are exposed to a lot of sunlight, our hair holds a lot of dust and sweats a lot, all of which affects our hair negatively. To protect your hair from these bad weather conditions, follow these recommendations.
• While bathing, massage your scalp, the edges of your forehead and back of your ears. So speed up your blood flow.
• Eat nourishing foods to nourish your hair. Vitamin B strengthens your hair. It is found in cereals and mushrooms. Zinc and magnesium strengthen the keratin in the hair. For example, seafood, lentils, whole grain bread have a lot.
• You can choose dry shampoos. Thus, your hair will be oily less frequently.

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